Well Done

…begin to dream new dreams. Faith can rekindle old desires and create new hopes, replacing some of the old dreams we painfully watched die.

Nicole Johnson

german-lopez-490857You might think the following thoughts fall in line with Nicole’s writings in the quote above from Keeping a Princess Heart, and you’d be half right.

I picked up that book out of our library at home with my daughter on my mind. My memory returns to her toddler years when we’d watch The Little Mermaid over and over. I remember Bab’s making her a princess costume even before that, and I remember contemplating the arrival of a baby girl thirteen years ago. I remember recently the deep questions of faith we talked about in the car, and the fact that she initiated our present study and discussion of Revelation. She’s a remarkable young lady who walks confidently in her own skin because she knows who her Prince is.

I don’t have to reiterate what you and I are up against. You know the challenges because like me you’re confronted with them on a daily basis. When we turn to encourage and offer hope to each other we pay it forward for eternity because hope does not have an expiration date. I’m excited about this because even though the pay inequality between men and women is still too great the power my daughter and other girls and women have to change the world is awesome.

I love the fact that God was a black woman in The Shack. I love the fact that a woman ran for President this past election. I love the fact that even though there is a financial glass ceiling, and that is changing, that women can be anything they want to be here in the U.S. It has to start somewhere. There are still women in the world who are treated as if they were made from Adam’s heel, but again she was taken from his rib. She is a co-equal with man, and she was created in the image of God. I abhor it when men look upon women as sexual objects, and even though I am not without sin I refuse to let my thinking become clouded with the kind of filth that men create.

Bullying comes to all of us, but if a woman is bullied in my presence I will fight for her tooth and nail. Even before I knew my child was female I made it clear to my wife and God that I wanted a daughter. God said yes, and I think He wanted me to be a voice for women. I was close with both my grandmothers. I am close with my mom. My wife is my best friend, and she never has to wonder if I’m faithful. I am. She knows me better than any other human being, and as we approach our 20th year of marriage that knowledge grows deeper and deeper. My daughter knows that too. That’s the greatest gift I can give my daughter showing her that I love her mom unconditionally. So many daughters and sons are filled with fear because their parent’s marriage failed. When relationship fails time does not always heal those wounds. They become wounds that we learn to live life with. No one is immune to relationship failure. Relationship failure is inevitable because sometimes two people in the same room are like gasoline and a match. It just shouldn’t be, and I understand that. I’m not demanding that a square peg go into a round hole, but when those bridges burn let’s walk softly with the children who are causalities of that kind of war.

My daughter in her short thirteen years has experienced relationship failure. She has a high need for fairness, and her mom and I are sensitive to that, but she now knows that life isn’t fair. People are mean. Not everyone is going to see life the way she sees it. Not everyone is going to treat people the way she thinks they should be treated. I pray, however, that her heart remain as soft as it is today because life will harden it as hard as a rock. Her ability to take up for the “unpopular” reminds me of my experience in school, and I’m proud she’s able to determine for herself who is “popular” and who isn’t. Watching the Holy Spirit move through her is a beautiful experience I need to stop taking for granted. We are raising her to ultimately know Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior because when all is said and done He will be the only reason for any of us to keep going. And go we will because it far surpasses a GPA or admission into Yale.

I want her to ultimately hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” And she will.

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