He for She

hannah-grace-385877I have some amazing women who are my friends. I grew up with three brothers, so I have a strong intuition for men too. I just love people, but since God said yes to my request for a daughter I’ve grown deeply fond of the female gender these past thirteen years. Emma Watson lit a fire under me with her speech to the UN about women’s rights, and I became an even bigger fan of Hermione, Harry and Ron after that speech. It was beautiful.

Words are incredible tools of destruction and construction. They move entire nations, and they can move a single heart to love again. Our sorrow and joy are translated from actions and words, and when an individual is mistreated on any level our hearts grown in pain when we hear or read about it. There needs to be something more done about that. As a Christian I have a personal responsibility to lift up the least of these. I told Amy is easier for me to do that because I’ve reached rock bottom. I’ve never been homeless or starving, but I’ve been bullied, rejected and void of hope. It hurts like hell. My wife and daughter have been bullied, rejected and void of hope, and when I’ve been privy to the source hell hath no fury like a husband and father of a daughter’s wrath. Nothing is stronger than family. Even when a family is divided it’s amazing how family comes together to protect each other.

Women have a stronger sense of what this looks and feels like. Men who care enough not to humiliate, shame or preach down to the women in their families will reap a reward ten fold. Women who care enough to nurture the men in their families will also reap a reward ten fold. Our nation is only as strong as our families, and we’ve got a long way to go to strengthen our families. Manipulative actions that mean girls do to each other must end, and when I talk about family I don’t just mean people connected by blood and marriage. Family can be those who have no connection with blood or marriage. Love is big enough for that. God is love, and God holds galaxies in one hand.

We aren’t just shattering the glass ceiling for our female friends. We are obliterating it.

Woman was created from man’s rib. She was not created from his skull, nor was she created from the heal of his foot. She came from his rib.

It seems to me we were created as equals, and it’s time to start living as such.

Weigh in dear ones.

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