About Me

I grew up in Guam, California, Kansas, South Dakota, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida. In 1991 I graduated high school, and in 1995 and 2002 I received advanced degrees in religion from an evangelical school in the buckle of the Bible Belt you know as Nashville, an “it” city. I married my wife Carey in 1998, and our beautiful daughter was born in 2004, and we have called Nashville home ever since.

wrting great content conceptIn 2007 I started my own business, and I still enjoy cleaning houses to this day. Feel free to click here to see that website. I’ve got a blog over there too, but it’s not as personal being that it is about business. So being the husband of Carey, the dad of a  thirteen-year-old girl and a business owner I stay very busy.

And when I’m not doing that I’m here writing for you, my fantastic and loyal readers. Thank you for reading my drivel.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was led to your site on a casual search of blogs on the subject of depression. I appreciate how you connect the hope of the Gospel to the struggle of folks like me who have mental health issues.

    I look forward to reading more of your work in the days ahead and hope we can encourage each other with words that reflect the Word.

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  2. Hi Daniel!

    I just checked out your cleaning website. I love your passion for your job, and I hope that everything is going well with your business and your family. You’re in my prayers.

    God bless, stay positive, and have a wonderful week!



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