Bear and Jack

Monday I gave my dad a ride home from the car mechanic. He found a new one who really impressed me. I look forward to giving him my business. Text me if you want his contact info. His name is Oswaldo Valdez, and he's a hard-working immigrant from Central America. His shop inspired me as … Continue reading Bear and Jack

Real Success

Perseverance is so important. Yesterday was a tough day, and I'm not going to elaborate on it except to say I had to tend to some payroll issues that did not resolve. Perseverance is painful when problems don't resolve, but I suppose it did resolve because I'm here writing about it. So much of persevering … Continue reading Real Success

Parkland, Florida

When loss happens to any organization the temptation is to give up. Our prayers are with Parkland, Florida as they grieve this terrible tragedy. Loss happens to all of us, but what defines us is whether we keep going or not. I'm not comparing my loss to the loss of the parents and families of … Continue reading Parkland, Florida

Well Done

...begin to dream new dreams. Faith can rekindle old desires and create new hopes, replacing some of the old dreams we painfully watched die. Nicole Johnson You might think the following thoughts fall in line with Nicole's writings in the quote above from¬†Keeping a Princess Heart, and you'd be half right. I picked up that … Continue reading Well Done

Think On These Things

This past year, and I mean from August 2016 to present, has been a particularly harder time period than normal. I'm not going to go into detail about the circumstances and parties involved, but I do want to pause and share a passage of Scripture the Holy Spirit has put on my heart. ...Fix your … Continue reading Think On These Things

Eternities’ Finish

I know this next thought is paltry in the grand scheme of things, but as you know nothing is changed unless it is faced. I cleaned three houses yesterday. And on my way to the second stop I saw a former customer whom I would like to have back. I realize the odds are not … Continue reading Eternities’ Finish